Shelter is the main concern for all the individuals. Our shelter facilities are equipped with complete facilities satisfying all the bedridden. Each room is suitable for double bed occupation with attached bathroom having western toilet facilities for senior citizens. The rooms and toilets are kept neatly cleaned creating good hygienic environment.


To keep the inmates healthy and considering age factor we provide them with tasty, nutritious and pure vegetarian food.Nutrition plays a vital in all the changes. Digestion secretions reduce leading to digestive problems. It is important to eat a healthy well-balanced diet.


Regular Medical check up is organized at Arunapriya, with the help of renowned doctors. In case of any emergency, services of a qualified medical practitioner will be made available to the residents. The care takers make sure that they monitor 24*7 on all the residents. With facilities like yoga, medical aid, physiotherapy, meditation and naturopathy, it is certainly one of the best old age home in Hyderabad.